Healthy Eating @ Tufts: Portion Sizes

Did you ever wonder what ideal portion sizes are? In our dining centers, we have cards with nutrient and calorie information for the food we serve Packaged food has similar nutritional labeling. You might find it interesting to know what reasonable portion sizes are for the foods you eat. 

 "During stressful periods in life like final exams, eating well and getting proper nutrition is especially important," says our Tufts Nutritionist Julie Lampie.


Tufts Chefs’ Favorite Restaurants


Looking for a new restaurant to try around Boston?

Here at Tufts Dining, we asked our chefs which places they love. 

Chef Justin: Craigie on Main in Cambridge

Chef Fred: Café Escadrille in Burlington

Chef Joann: Tre Monté in Woburn

Chef David: East Coast Grill in Cambridge

Chef Carlos: Highland Kitchen in Somerville

So try one out, and let us know which chef you side with!


Tufts Dining Named Best Again!

"Debunking the common perceptions of cafeterias in general, the colleges on this list are being recognized for going the extra mile to provide nutrient rich and delicious food to all their students regardless of their diet."


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Strawberry Facts: What makes them so good and so healthy?


While everyone loves chocolate and white chocolate strawberry dipping at our yearly Strawberry Fest, the nutrition facts about strawberries (as provided by our Tufts Dining Dietitian Julie Lampie) are also delicious:

  • Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C - in fact 8 medium strawberries provide 160% of the recommended daily intake for vitamin C. 
  • That’s more vitamin C than 1 medium orange.
  • Strawberries are also a good source of fiber and folate (a B vitamin).  

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things: SWEET


Chef Toby: Cakes & pies
Chef Fred: Chocolate Falling Down Cake (AKA Lava Cake!)
Chef Peter: Richardson’s Ice Cream, Richie’s Blue Vanilla Slush, Lobster Tails
Chef Joann: French Silk from Red Hook, NY
Chef Justin: Lemon Tarte, homemade ice cream

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Chef Peter’s Shrimp Étouffée Recipe

A rich and flavorful dish, created by our own Chef Peter from Carmichael.  It’s easy to prepare and prefect for the Mardi Gras season, during lent or at anytime really.  Chef Peter likes it “hot” so gage the spices for your taste, put on some rice and enjoy!


Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the doors of the Tufts Dining kitchens? Do you think about who chops those veggies in your salad or makes the delicious soups? We’ve answered all these questions and more in this behind-the-scenes video tour of the kitchens. Meet our amazing crew and see what it takes to get food on your plate. 

-Maya Navon ‘15 


Behind-the-Scenes: Paul and Steve


Meet Paul “the Soup Guy” and Steve “the Chicken Man”! Both Paul and Steve are usually behind-the-scenes at Tufts Dining. Paul is the person who makes most of our soups from scratch every day in Central Kitchen including the ever popular Butternut Squash Bisque. Paul knows soup! Steve preps all of the chickens in Hodgdon’s kitchen, but he is also famous for his Mac ‘n Cheese.  He makes it with homemade Bechamel sauce every day, and it’s sold in Hodgdon. Yum…



Thank You for the Music by Veronica Richter ‘15

If you frequent Dewick, odds are you’ve noticed the lively music streaming through the dining center. From alternative Jumbo favorites The Strokes and The Arcade Fire to holiday music and jazz, the tunes in Dewick have been a welcomed addition during meal times. The music came about as a request from Chef Joann after a themed dinner in which the dining staff wanted to play music but could only do so through an “awkward” boom box placed under the carving station,  She asked for the wireless speakers that now play tunes from XM Radio. Though Chef Joann may have made the request, it’s Jeff, Dewick’s Service Manager, who’s now our resident DJ. He also replies to the comments at Dewick, so if you have a special musical request, make sure to write him a note!

Thanks WMFO for the tweet about the music!

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The Connoisseur Recommends: Apps for Foodies

Angry Birds expert and foodie, Chef Justin knows his way around an iPhone. One of his favorite foodie apps is Epicurious. “I use it ALL the time,” he said today.  Compatible with both Apple and Android devices, it features over 28,000 recipes, cookbooks, chefs, and restaurants. With “recipe of the day” and shopping list features, it may be the ultimate foodie app. Best of all, it’s free!