Introducing Chef Justin: The Connoisseur

"Everything needs to taste good."

Chef Justin knew food was in his future since he was in high school. After completing a culinary internship at the Walt Disney World Resorts, and later attending college, Chef Justin went on to graduate from culinary school and work for three different James Beard Award-winning Chefs. His love of food doesn’t end when the clock hits 5PM, he is a food connoisseur who constantly reads cookbooks and checks out culinary iPhone Apps!

What’s something people wouldn’t know when they meet you? I have three stars in every level of Angry Birds… I am addicted to Angry Birds.

Favorite food? Peanut butter, I eat it by the spoonful. It’s my kryptonite.

Favorite thing to cook/bake? Vegetarian food, even though I’m not a vegetarian. I love it because it’s a challenge—you have to make something delicious and creative without a showcase piece, which is generally your meat item. Plus, my wife’s a vegetarian, and a picky one at that!

Best thing about working with Tufts Dining? It allows me to have a rewarding culinary job while seeing my boys. I have two kids, one is just a year old and the other is 4.

Best memory while working with Tufts Dining? We had to cater the Tufts Culinary Society event where 3 big internationally known chefs visited. The night before the big day, we messed up the quiche dough and had to come to work early the next morning and work extremely hard to make it in time. It was challenging and made me work harder than I’ve ever worked with Tufts Dining.

Being the Tufts Dining Connoisseur, do you watch any great food shows? I have two young children. So I don’t really have time to watch the television. I did watch Top Chef on Bravo. The first season and the Vegas season were my favorite. Actually, Toby and I have both seen our classmates on Top Chef!

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