Peter’s Wicked Chili Recipe is Wicked HOT!

Peter from Carmichael Dining Center likes it HOT!  He knows HOT peppers, HOT sauces, and HOT chili.


Peter generously shares his very own Wicked Chili Recipe with the Tufts community.  Beware: it’s HOT and very tasty for those who dare!



Chef Peter’s Shrimp Étouffée Recipe

A rich and flavorful dish, created by our own Chef Peter from Carmichael.  It’s easy to prepare and prefect for the Mardi Gras season, during lent or at anytime really.  Chef Peter likes it “hot” so gage the spices for your taste, put on some rice and enjoy!


"Real" Madrileñan Paella de Mariscos—Seafood Paella

This recipe, from Veronica’s host mom in Spain, is the REAL thing.  She taught Veronica how to make the Paella before Veronica came home.  Buen apetito!

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Magic Cookie Bar Recipe


Almond Macaroon Recipe

Macaroons have become a year-round favorite. The first time ours were served, several requests poured in for the recipe. They are moist and delicious.  See for yourself.  And if you use Matzoh Cake Meal instead of Cake Flour, you can take them to a Passover Sedar.

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Beautiful Bisque